Handlines: Landmine Victims, Angola & Cambodia

Ken Griffiths photographed the landmine victims of Angola and Cambodia, these photographs were featured in Rebekah Gilbertson's book, Handlines. The book was published in 1998 in aid of the British Red Cross's Anti-Personnel Landmines Campaign.

Ken Griffiths told The Independent in an article entitled, Stars Lend Hand to Rid World of Landmines

"These faces told me that they were victims not only of landmines but also of ambitious politicians and greedy generals"

Three Gorges: Michael Hoppen Gallery

"When Ken Griffiths’ exhibition ‘Three Gorges’ opened on 1st September 2005 the world he captured had vanished under billions of cubic meters of water. Griffiths’ photographs of the Three Gorges Dam – China’s largest building project since the Great Wall, depict a lost landscape and the emergence of a new one, and evoke the imagery of traditional Chinese landscape painting. Each photograph is produced by the digital melding of a dozen images creating sweeping panoramic views that translate the restraint and meditative quality of Chinese art into the 21st century. "

- Michael Hoppen Gallery

Patagonia: The Exhibition Series

"In 2001 and 2002 photographer Ken Griffiths set out on three expeditions to the Argentine province of Chubut, the heartland of Welsh Patagonia.  Ken visited Chubut in different seasons of the year to follow the trails blazed south and west by intrepid young Welsh pioneers. Between 1870 and 1900 they travelled the interior of the country and reached the Andes along what is now the Chilean frontier."

- Press Release, Michael Hoppen Gallery

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