Smithfield Meat Market

Ken Griffiths's series of photographs of Smithfield, London's historic meat market, was created out of a desire to record a way of life threatened with extinction. At a time when changes in industry regulations foretold the end of long-established working practices at the market, the photographer purposefully rejected the colours of the place, shooting in black and white to tell a premature ghost story. Contrasting with the grand architecture of the market building are the deadpan expressions on the faces of the workers as they go about their routines; as if a smile at the camera would have seemed indecent. These candid images expose the mechanics - solemn, bloody and gruesome, yet nonetheless awe-inspiring - behind our well-fed existences.

Please follow this link to The Independent's Website to read their article which was companion to Ken Griffith's photographs, entitled 'Meat Is Murder' and was authored by Jonathan Glancey.